Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

If you wish to transform the way you feel about your looks with customized services to meet your expectations, perhaps we could help. Our remarkably experienced staff at BioEdge Medical is passionate about treating individuals throughout Rancho Cucamonga, CA with various unique cosmetic considerations and goals. Throughout the years, our staff has been satisfied with receiving numerous testimonials from patients just like you who have witnessed our thoughtful care. We encourage our guests to browse our substantial selection of testimonials and envision the outcomes you could achieve by putting your trust in our hands.

Reviews for BioEdge Medical

5.0 Review from J.F. Source: Healthgrades Aug 27 2020

"I've been seeing Dr Rho for well over 4 years, & yes the wait times are long but worth every minute (well hour) of it! He was the 4th pain doc I tried before I was about to give up feeling the industry was a joke. I read all the other reviews before writing this one so I'd like to say that a few things aren't true. Dr Rho DOES see his patients beyond just the first visit. He does procedures in the mornings, so if you only schedule early appt times, then yes you won't see him much. However, his Nurse Pract. & his PA are both AMAZING! He DOES listen, even when you think he's not because he can seriously multitask. If you want a doc who is P.C. & sugar coats everything, look elsewhere. He DOES do all he can to work with you on finding "Solutions" (not just meds) that work for YOU! 99% of his staff is really nice and helpful. Keep in mind there are a few bad apples everywhere, but I promise, if you talk sweet to them they can even be great too. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Rho & his team!!!"

5.0 Review from R.T. Source: Healthgrades Sep 18 2019

"Rudy is amazing. He really cares about my pain. I don’t mind the wait as much because of his professionalism. Dr. Rho is good too. Keep up the good work, and thank you. Russell Troutman"

5.0 Review from M.E. Source: Healthgrades Apr 28 2017

"Dr. Rho is a great doctor. When I had my 2 major surgeries for my Crohn's disease he was there for me before and after always made me feel comfortable and welcomed. If I had a problem with a medication he was there to help me find what works. He knows his stuff that's for sure. I miss him as my doctor but i am now pain free with Dr. Rho's help so i have no reason to go anymore. But if I ever need a pain management doctor again he will be the first guy I call. Thank you Dr. Rho! "
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